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Grain Tavastia cooperative

Grain Tavastia cooperative is a company owned by Finnish grain farmers. The cooperative’s field of activity is the procurement of grain and its marketing.

The objective of the cooperative’s activity is to enhance its farmers’ negotiation status in the grain market. In addition, the goal is to improve contract dealings between its farmers and the representatives of industry. The aim of the activity is also to find export channels for high-quality Finnish grain.

Grain Tavastia cooperative was founded on the 21st of September 2016.

At the moment the cooperative has over 715 farmer members (18.3-24) whose total surface area under cultivation is about 90000 hectares. The membership count is rising at an even pace. The goal in the near years to come is to obtain at least a thousand active grain producers as new members.

Contact information


Eero Kovero, +358 45 224 9288,

Board of Directors

Karl Åberg, (chairman of the board) Inkoo, 0400489907,
Heikki Mäkelä,(vice-chairman of the board) Lahti, +358400432880, heikki[ ät ]
Jyrki Leppälä, Hausjärvi, +358500449474, jyrki.leppala[ ät ]
Pasi Kortejärvi, Askola, +358400694210, pasi.kortejarvi[ ät ]
Timo Laaksonen, Lieto, +358505540858, timo[ ät ]
Toni Lindqvist, Myrskylä, +358503274976, mtylindqvist [ ät ]
Toni Mattila, Jokioinen, +358505509008, toni.mattila[ ät ]
Juha Salovaara, Hausjärvi, +358400485716, juha.salovaara[ ät ]
Juha Vaittinen, Akaa, +358400834655, juha.vaittinen1[ ät ]


c/o Eero Kovero
Mustilanmäentie 34A
13900 Pekola, FINLAND